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Preliminary Goals & Objectives

Scientific Abstract Presentations
Review of current clinical and basic science research pertaining to neuropathology with a focus on Canadian centres, but overall international participation. Also a  platform for Canadian residents and trainees to present their recent work.

Diagnostic Case Presentations
Interactive discussion of rare and challenging neuropathological cases encountered by participants in their recent practice. Electronic slides and imaging results are distributed prior to meeting. Often includes case presentation by residents and illustrates advances in disease classification and diagnostic technique.

Neuropathology Practice
The lecture by Dr. Torlakovic will review quality assurance for immunohistochemical staining in neuropathology. Participants will review techniques and organizational structures to monitor and improve quality of immunohistochemical techniques. This is particularly pertinent in light of increasing numbers of immunohistochemical markers for tumor classification in neuropathology.
The panel discussion will be based on invited contributions from the participants prior to the virtual meeting. A panel of discussants, to be selected based on these questions, will address topics raised. This discussion will provide opportunity for current needs assessments and feedback on Neuropathology Practice sessions from previous years.

Jerzy Olszewski Lecture
Presentation of current clinical and research expertise in neurodegenerative disease in Saskatoon, in anticipation of next year’s venue for an in person Annual Meeting. Review concentrates on Parkinson disease and/or progressive supranuclear palsy.

Symoposium Muscle and Nerve Pathology
Review recent advances in neuromuscular medicine with impact on the neuropathological evaluation of muscle and nerve biopsies, in particular:

  • Changing classification of inflammatory myopathies based on new insights into myositis-specific autoantibodies and how this correlates with muscle biopsy findings.
  • Increasing use of MRI to delineate patterns of muscle involvement for diagnosis if myopathies.
  • Evaluation of variants of uncertain significance from next generation sequencing by using muscle biopsies.
  • Recent advances in the practice of nerve biopsy analysis by one of the few experts in the field, detailed objectives to be determined.