Presentation Time: 1100-1115

Hao Li1, Lee-Cyn Ang1

1Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, London ON Canada



Case 7: Diagnostic case presentation

34-year-old male. Presented with acute on chronic low back pain, bilateral leg weakness and pain, saddle anesthesia, urinary retention, and decreased rectal tone, suggestive of cauda equina syndrome. Imaging provided in materials. Patient received a decompressive laminectomy, and within the epidural space there was fibroadipose tissue without a definite mass. An intraoperative ultrasound demonstrated no intradural pathology. Biopsy of the epidural tissue was performed.


What is the differential diagnosis of a spinal epidural lesion, especially one with a rich eosinophilic infiltrate?

What are the useful histochemical and immunohistochemical stains for the workup of this case?

What are roles played by eosinophils in this lesion?

Materials submitted:

1. Imaging.
2. One H&E stained slide.

Reveal Diagnosis

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