It has been two years since we launched the WHO Classification of Tumours online (<>), giving immediate access to the classification series in an easy to use digital format. The website has been a success, with regularly increasing subscribership.

Recently, the website interface has been improved to offer better navigation and new features like:
[My Favourites]
Bookmark your pages and retrieve them from the new menu “My favourites”
[Add Personal Note]
Add your personal notes to any part of the classification [Send feedback] Quickly send feedback on the contents of the page.
Additionally, the new Central Nervous System Tumours book will be available as a beta version shortly, put up on the website before it goes to print.

We hope that you will share information about the website widely, and that you will use the online contact form<> to let us know about any technical issues that you might be having.

Best regards,
WHO Blue Books team