Karam Han


Karam Han, Fausto J Rodriguez, Sarah M. Dry, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA


37-year-old female who presented with visual changes, otalgia, muffled hearing, tinnitus, mild imbalance, and headaches. Her past medical history included asthma. The brain MRI revealed multiple sclerosis and an enlarging right temporal bone/floor of the right middle cranial fossa mass, measuring up to 37 mm with progressive osseous erosion. The mass also eroded through the tympanic portion of the right temporal bone and extends into the middle ear cavity, where it abuts the malleus. The study also reported an erosion of the anterior wall of the geniculate ganglion.
She underwent a mastoidectomy and biopsy. The surgical resection of the lesion was recommended to begin multiple sclerosis treatment.

Discussion points

  1. What are the differential diagnoses of intracranial lesions with chondroid differentiation
  2. Distinguishing histological and immunochemical characteristics
  3. Role of molecular genetic analysis