About the CANP


The Canadian Association of Neuropathologists (CANP) is a non-profit professional organization with an international membership.  The Association exists to promote the highest professional standards among Neuropathologists and to act as a source of scientific communication and education in the field of Neuropathology.

What is neuropathology?

Neuropathology is the study of diseases of the nervous system. Neuropathologists are medical specialists with expertise in the diagnosis of nervous system diseases by gross, microscopic, and molecular examinations.

Neuropathologists are primarily involved in the diagnosis of diseases of brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve, and muscle. These entities range from congenital disorders to tumours to degenerative illnesses. A typical neuropathology practice includes both surgical and postmortem tissue diagnosis.


As a non-profit organization, the purpose of the CANP is to further the specialty of Neuropathology in Canada with respect to teaching, education, research, maintenance of competence and other professional matters.

The activities of the CANP include the following:


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy Statement