Annual Meetings

64th Annual Meeting

Toronto, ON| OCT 3-5 | 2024

63rd Annual Meeting

Montreal, QC| OCT 19-21 | 2023

62nd Annual Meeting

Saskatoon, SK| OCT 13-15 | 2022

61st Annual Meeting

Virtual | OCT 14-16 | 2021

60th Annual Meeting

Virtual | OCT 15-17 | 2020

59th Annual Meeting

Kingston, ON | OCT 23-26 | 2019

58th Annual Meeting

Halifax, NS | OCT 03-06 | 2018

Named Lecturers

Jerzy Olszewski (1913-1964) graduated from medical school in Poland in 1937 and obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Freiburg in 1947 based on his work in cytoarchitectonic neuroanatomy. He moved to the Montreal Neurological Institute in 1948 as a neuroanatomist at the invitation of Wilder Penfield. His interests gradually transitioned to neuropathology and he moved to Saskatoon in 1956 to establish a diagnostic and experimental neuropathology unit. In 1959, he assumed the Chair of neuropathology at the Banting Institute of the University of Toronto, where he worked until his death in 1964. Among his many clinical and research accomplishments, he was the first to describe the pathological features of progressive supranuclear palsy, also known as Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome. He was founding President of the CANP and served from 1961-1963.

David Roberston (1931-2012) graduated from Queen’s University in 1955 and obtained Royal College certification in General Pathology in 1960. He subsequently trained in neurology and neuropathology and began his career as a neuropathologist at Kingston General Hospital in 1962, and was one of the first to receive Royal College certification in neuropathology in 1968. He co-edited the very successful “Textbook of Neuropathology” and was Head of the Department of Pathology at Queen’s from 1979-1986, retiring in 1992. He was President of the CANP from 1971-1973.

Gordon Mathieson (1927-2018) completed his medical education in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1949 and worked as a Fellow in neuropathology in Toronto before moving the Montreal Neurological Institute in 1955 and obtaining an MSc in neurophysiology. He began his career as a neuropathologist at MNI in 1957 and soon took over responsibility for the neuropathology service and education from the neurosurgeons. He was one of the first to receive Royal College certification in neuropathology in 1968. Later, he moved to Memorial University in Newfoundland in 1979. He was founding Secretary-Treasurer of the CANP and President from 1964-1967. 
Past Meetings & Executive List
wdt_ID Year Meeting location President Secretary-Treasurer
1 2020 Virtual Peter Gould Peter Schutz
2 2019 Kingston Peter Gould Julia Keith
3 2018 Halifax Marc Del Bigio Julia Keith
4 2017 Winnipeg Marc Del Bigio Julia Keith
5 2016 Niagara-on-the-Lake Marc Del Bigio Peter Gould
6 2015 Quebec Ian Mackenzie Peter Gould
7 2014 Banff Ian Mackenzie Peter Gould
8 2013 Ottawa Ian Mackenzie Peter Gould
9 2012 Mont-Tremblant David Munoz Peter Gould
10 2011 Vancouver David Munoz Robert Macaulay
Travel Bursaries

The Canadian Association of Neuropathologists Endowment Trust has established a grant program to assist residents in Neuropathology or other accredited Laboratory Medicine Residency training programs, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students in Neuroscience, to attend the Annual Meeting of the Association for the purpose of presenting a diagnostic case or delivering an abstract.

The total amount in this award program will be a maximum of $3,000 per year, and the value of each award will be this sum divided by the number of eligible applicants, up to a maximum of $750 per applicant.

This program is intended to supplement existing funding and will only cover expenses not otherwise or only partially reimbursed. Payment of the award will normally be contingent upon submission of original receipts.

To apply, submit a letter from a co-author who is a Member in good standing of the Association describing the nature of the applicant’s participation in the presentation to the Secretary-Treasurer of the CANP.

Deadline to submit is two weeks after the close of the Annual Meeting each year.