Professional Affairs Committee


Dr. David Munoz, Chair
Dr. Sidney Croul
Dr. Marie-Christine Guiot
Dr. Jason Karamchandani
Dr. Ian Mackenzie
Dr. Frank van Landeghem


The Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) of the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists (CANP) advises and informs the executive of the CANP on professional issues related to the practice of neuropathology in Canada. The Chair of the PAC, at the request of the CANP  Board of Directors, shall keep the membership of the CANP informed of professional issues relevant to the practice of neuropathology, including issues that are diagnostic, educational, scholarly, and administrative in nature. Subject to the wishes of the CANP Board of Directors, the PAC chair may represent the CANP at meetings with representatives of other organizations, public or private, in the pursuit of information pertaining to professional affairs. In addition, the PAC is charged with studying, on behalf of the CANP membership and at the request of the CANP Board of Directors, issues associated with professional practice as they relate to neuropathology. Examples of such issues include, but are not limited to: 1) continuing medical education, 2) manpower and workload assessment, 3) quality assurance, and 4) professional practice guidelines. The PAC will also assist CANP members in sharing professional experiences for the purpose of enhancing their professional practice. The annual report of the Chair of the PAC will summarize the PAC initiatives, important changes that affect neuropathology practice, and relevant interactions with other professional organizations.