Continuing Professional Development

Mission Statement

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program of the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists/Association canadienne des neuropathologistes (CANP), under the leadership of the CANP Executive and the CANP Professional Affairs Committee and its subcommittees such as the CPD committee, is committed to enhancing patient care by promoting Continued Professional Development in Neuropathology for its members.


It will do so by fostering an environment that facilitates both group-based and self-directed learning opportunities that address multiple CanMEDS roles.


In its members the neuroscience knowledge and practical skills that are relevant to Neuropathology clinical practice and research


The performance of Neuropathologists in multi-disciplinary patient care teams in order to enhance quality of patient care and health outcomes, including the development and application of Quality Assurance programs


New scientific and clinical information relevant to Neuropathology


The integration of new knowledge into the clinical, research and educational practices of its members


A ‘community of Neuropathology practice’ which values open exchange of ideas, comparison of practice, and consensus building


Neuropathology trainees as participants in the CPD program, and to assist members in their roles as educators and mentors

Conflict of Interest


Group Activities (Category 1)

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Self Assessment Activities (Category 3)

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