Guidelines and Recommendations

Canadian Association of Neuropathologists Recommendations for Molecular Testing of CNS Tumours

The recommendations below provide an overview of best practices as of January 2024 in the diagnosis of select tumours of the CNS including diffuse and circumscribed gliomas, glioneuronal tumours, ependymomas, and medulloblastomas. These recommendations have been reviewed and approved at a national level by the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists. This document is expected to evolve over time in response to continued scientific study and clinical experience.
The document also serves to describe the minimum expectations for Canadian diagnostic laboratories to support the diagnosis of brain tumours to the current standards of the WHO, including the immunohistochemical, molecular and cytogenetic tests detailed below. For optimal workflow and timely patient care, it is recommended that de-centralized testing be maximized where possible, although methylation profiling may require a more centralized approach.