Trainee Awards

Mary Tom Award

Best Clinical Paper

This award is given in the memory of Dr Mary Tom, who was one of the first neuropathologists in Canada, and greatly contributed to the development of neuropathology at the University of Toronto.  She was one of the founding members of the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists.  Dr Tom was an renowned clinical diagnostician.  Consequently, this award is given to acknowledge the best clinical science paper in neuropathology presented at the Annual Meeting by a resident or student in neuroscience.

Dr. Ana Nikolic (supervisor Dr. Resch) for her unknown case presentation “C6: Graft versus host disease of the brain.”

Dr. Kristopher Langdon (supervisor Dr. Hammond) for his presentation “A10: Adult-onset progressive dementia and myoclonic epilepsy with polyglucosan bodies.”

Dr. Randy van Ommeren (supervisor Dr. Patrick Shannon) for his unknown presentation “COL4A-related vasculopathy”

Dr. Maryam Abdollahi (supervisor Dr. David Munoz) for her unknown case presentation “Susac syndrome”.

Suzy K ( working with Lothar) for her unknown case presentation “Sarcoid vasculitis”.

Dr. Noor Alsafwani (supervisor Dr. Andrew Gao) for her unknown case presentation “Labrune syndrome”.

Dr. Suzy E. Kosteniuk (working with Dr. K Langdon) for her unknown case presentation “A missing piece”.

Dr. Christopher Newell (working with Dr. J.Joseph) for his Diagnostic Case #2 presentation.

Morrison H. Finlayson Award

Best Basic Science

Dr. Finlayson was one of the founding members of the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists.  Although he principally worked at the Montreal General Hospital as a clinical neuropathologist, he was actively involved in research and made some significant contributions.  Because of Dr. Finlayson’s research activities, therefore, this award is given for the best paper presented by a resident or post-graduate student in basic sciences and research.

Dr. Jordan Warford (supervisor Dr. Alex  Easton) for his
presentation: “Understanding the role of surfen, a proteoglycan
antagonist, in mouse models of multiple sclerosis: Applications
for the development of novel therapeutics.”

Dr. Derek Wong (supervisor Dr. Stephen Yip) for his presentation
“A1: Investigations of the functional interactions between CIC and ATXN1L in Oligodendroglioma.”

Dr. Andrew Gao (supervisor Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati) for his presentation “The Role of ATP and P2X Purinoreceptor 7 in the Pathogenesis of Cerebral Tau.”

Dr. Maliha Khara (supervisor Dr. Neil Renwick) for her presentation “Human brain atlas: miRNA version”.

Dr. Hoang D. Nguyen (supervisor Dr. Maxime Richer) for her presentation “A Machine Learning Analysis of TCGA Expression Data to Finding Signatures for “Normal-Like” IDH-WT Diffuse Gliomas with a Longer Survival.”

Dr. Delaney Cosma (supervisor Dr. Rob Hammond) for her presentation “Cortical Dysplasia: Teaching Pathology to a Machine”.

Dr. Nicole Schwab (supervisor Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati) for her presentation “Glial senescence (not tau) is the driver of post-concussive symptoms”

Dr. Erin Stephenson for her abstract presentation “The extracellular matrix transcriptome following demyelination“.